Wednesday at Kingswood

Date: 9th Nov 2016 @ 8:42am

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain...!  However, everyone is in good spirits and up for the challenges ahead. 

Last night, we were treated to Oscar-winning performances from the five dastardly villains who were suspects in the case of the Mickey Mouse kidnap.  The detectives were able to interrogate each villain and using the clues and alibis, to decide who was guilty.  A stirling performance by Bonnie as Cruella De Vil, Gabriel as Gru, Sarah as the Wicked Witch of the West, AJ as Captain Hook, but the Oscar has to go to Max for his spine-chillingly realistic portrayal of Lord Voldemort (we were all very scared!).  To see who was guilty, look at our photos.

Happy 10th birthday to Maya.  She enjoyed opening her cards and presents and is thoroughly enjoying her extra special birthday away with her friends.

After a cooked breakfast, morning ahead holds Jacob's Ladder, Team Tech, fire lighting, Team Challenge and Laser Quest.  Watch this space for further photos.


Lunch followed by birthday cake! Now back outside for more action. Teams swopping activities then swimming for everyone at 5.00! We're all so wet I doubt you would notice the difference!  Made the fire lighting session interesting! 

But 100% rain has equaled 100% determination to have fun. Really impressed by everyone's positive spirit and growth mindset. As adults we can see huge differences in the children's courage and willingness to have a go. So many instructors have praised them for their team work, superb behaviour and their support of each other. Very proud to be away with such a super bunch of kids. 


Well the children had a lovely time at swimming and for some this may have been the first shower they have had despite the rain.  Everybody was extremely ready for their tea tonight.  Outside the rain has finally stopped however it's a dark wild night with the wind howling through the trees!  A massive group game of Twister is now underway although Stanley is really struggling to stay awake as it's been a very long and tiring day for us all.  We won't be surprised if we find him asleep in the corner of the stage!

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Amy (Max's Mum) wrote:

Wonderful to see the photos of you all doing such amazing things and thank-you for keeping us up to date with what is happening. Hope its not too muddy today !

Christina ( Freddy's mum) wrote:

Thankyou for the updates - much appreciated! Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep!

Lorraine parker (mayas mum) 💖 wrote:

Happy birthday 🎁🎈 to my darling Maya! hope yur all having loads of fun....oh and birthday cake 🎂 🎀 xxx

Jane (Josif's mum) wrote:

Aww, shame about the rain but glad to hear you are all getting stuck in and supporting each other :) Thankyou for all the great pics. Enjoy!

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